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oneHADA Hacia una oficina sin papel

What is oneHADA?

Paperless philosophy in your company

Can you imagine that you can digitize all your files and manage it from one place so quick, simple and safe? With oneHADA the integrated management of your file by digital way is possible.

Our application allows you to carry your traditional way to file gestion of your company to digital environment.

It is an adapted file manager for a very easy use but that, at the same time, you can get all benefit that you want and create a digital gestion process of your files more advanced.

Benefits of oneHADA

oneHADA is synonymous of efficiency

You going to get with oneHADA:

  • Save a lot of time in search and location of file.
  • Guarantee, through different options, proper treatment of the important information gotten in your files.
  • A powerful documentary organization through unified processes of file.
  • Manage andestablish the validity of your files to automatically delete the ones who you don’t want or need to preserve.
  • Reduce physical areas of storage and avoid having to move to the file to search for documents.
  • Increase productivity of your team, that this way, the file work will pass from boring to be easy and almost automatic.
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Others benefits of the application

Besides of benefits of oneHADA, you can do with the application:

  • Share information with you computer without making multiple copies.
  • Consult or forward the documents without having to manipulate it physically.
  • Indicate documents like confidential with the creation of personal permits through of the user manage.
oneHADA Towards an office without paper

Environmentally responsible

And the saving this involves for your company


When you manage the file of your company at digital way you will save a lot of paper. At this way, you are contributing to the protection of the environmentally. From LingMarco bet for a office more responsible with the environment and with reduction to the paper use.

In addition, this saving makes your cost are reduced significantly. You will notice how every time your company needs less paper to manage the file.

oneHADA in your company

You going to notice the difference quickly

The oneHADA interface

Quickly, security and efficiency

The design of oneHADA interface permits you import, file and export, when you need them from an easy way. You can centre in your activity while oneHADA keep safe your file.

La gestión digital de todo el archivo de su empresa

Towards an office without paper

  • The manage of your unified, quick, safe and rentable file.
  • Have more time for productive work.
  • Your information will be accessible at quick and simple way.


File input

  • Email
  • Scaner
  • Computer

Editing and management

  • Configuration
  • User profiles
  • Powerful editable OCR

Advanced search document

  • Tagging
  • Advanced search
  • Filtering

Output file

  • Email
  • Computer
  • Printer

Towards an office without paper

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